Spotlight on Sampford Arundel and Stawley Preschools

Becky and her fabulous team at Stawley Preschool and Sampford Arundel Preschool is on a mission and we love it!

This is their mission – ‘Learning with Nature is something we strongly believe in and it underpins our activities and learning at our Preschool. We are fortunate to have a wonderful, rural location that allows us to explore nature first-hand every day. We encourage every child to choose the way in which they explore and experiment with nature and some of the activities include:

Muddy play | Gardening | Pond Dipping
Wild Flower Walks | Bug Finders
Wooden Spoon | Fruit & Vegetable
Seasons Sound Walks | Printing | Animal Tracks
Mini Beast | Spider Web | Bird watching
Safari | Drawings | Photography
Tree & Leaf | Seasonal Songs
Listening Walk – of Nature Crayon Rubbing Sounds of Nature’

Loose parts has been promoted very much this term with kind donations from the community. ‘Children learn best when their play can take any direction they choose. By providing them with open-ended resources that are limited only by their imagination, we allow them to develop skills of creativity, problem-solving, questioning and many, many more.’ Resources like the following –

* planks of wood/decking | * guttering | * small tyres (go kart sized are ideal)
* car parts- hub caps, bumpers etc | * pieces of fabric
* tarpaulins | * rope | * children’s wheelbarrow
* wooden blocks | * buttons | * cotton reels
* sewing equipment | * sequins | * glass beads
* unwanted wooden or metal bowls and utensils
* shells | * pinecones | * newspapers

They operateĀ  from Sampford Arundel School on Monday and Tuesday and Stawley – Appley Pavilion Wednesday – Friday, same ethos, same staff, two different settings offering 30 hours extended childcare funding. Supported by a fantastic team of parents, friends, families and staff why not go along to their setting and see what they’re up to!

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