Network Meetings

Did you know that we hold three network meetings a year? We aim to highlight current issues and offer training that is relevant and needed, with the added bonus of networking with other people in the sector.

We recently had the fabulous Jane Kayley from Frogmary Green Farm run a Mixed Media Art workshop at the farm. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn some new skills and work with every day materials in a different way. We were turning it on it’s head – you don’t have to ‘know’ what you’re going to paint/draw/create – letting go and just creating is an exhilirating experience. Not worrying what the end result will look like really frees the mind – you don’t need lots of money for fancy materials, you just need to let go and enjoy the experience, use old magazines and cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, scraps of material. Children (and adults) can easily fall into the trap of only drawing what they know, or drawing something to look like something and this can lead to them feeling like a failure. ‘I can’t draw’ becomes the mantra. So let’s turn that into a positive and get drawing with the belief that we can draw and create, frame it, come back to it and add some more, turn it upside down and always add a kind comment to outnumber the negatives and remember to keep it playful!

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