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Would you like to be a workshop leader? Do you have skills you can share with others? We are looking for  imaginative and exciting workshop leaders for our conference and networking events


There are many ways in which the Play Forum can support local community groups with play events. This year we are looking to work with community groups from all areas of Somerset to help them create new outdoor play initiatives. We can offer support, guidance, advertising, training and even small grants.




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Workshop Leaders Wanted!


Volunteers in Play Course  -  book now


The course is an endorsed course at level 2 that aims to

  • introduce learners to the nature of freely chosen play and the role of the
  • volunteer in supporting children and young people’s play within a range of play settings.

By the end of the course learners will:

• Understand the nature of freely chosen play;

• Understand the benefits of play for all children and their communities;

• Understand the role of the volunteer as part of the playwork team;

• Understand how to support children and young people’s play;

• Explore how to resource and create spaces that support freely chosen

play for all children.

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